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Originally Posted by MevX View Post
I don't think that the prison escape is big enough to warrant itself its own category. Not to say that it's less impressive, i think its very impressive. But shouldn't we have bigger categories like 100% and glitchless instead?
I hear you. It's not uncommon however for games to add categories for small portions of the game, such as training levels. As a compromise I removed it as a main category and added it as an individual level, how do you all feel about that instead?

Individual levels can also be run in different categories, such as Any%, 100% etc. Right now there's only Any%, reflective of the full-game run, which feels fine for me as we don't have 100% or Glitchless atm.

We could if we would add more levels in the future if additional portions are exciting to run separately.

How would we all feel for adding 100% or Glitchless? Is there interest for such a run? I'd gladly add it if someone is interested in it and maybe remove the Steam version. There was some excitement for the Steam version when it got out that maybe could have warranted the inclusion, but since no full runs have been made in that category it may be reason to remove it - that's my spontaneous thought about this right now anyway.

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