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Originally Posted by MevX View Post
A 100% run has been in the talks before, but i'm not sure if we have come to the conclusion what a 100% run would involve. Even though it's a category i'm normally hesitant to do, we should definitely discuss it and make it a real thing. When it comes to glitchless, that's just something i brought up for the sake of being an example. I have no idea if anybody actually would want to do it.
Sounds good. I definitely think 100% would be good to have as a category as we collectively arrive at a clear definition of what that means. Maybe we could create a separate thread for this or perhaps discuss it on the Discord.
Originally Posted by MevX View Post
Also Freeman has made his own category, a gawley 100% run or a gawley% if you wish. Maybe that should be something worth adding
Awesome, does this mean what I think it means; Any% run but with using gawley on everything, opening all seals etc.? Do you want it added to the categories Freeman?

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