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Always great to see you post here!

I think using clovers at precise places should be common place in a speedrun. I will however say that it almost always varies depending on what kind of hp you have, and in what situation. Also, if you do end up deciding certain clover spots, you will lose the opportunity to heal yourself up later in the game. But yeah i should take a look at that. That and the sword thing ^^

Nice find on that red grobo. I'll say that there is another enemy that you can take damage from a bit faster although more inconsistent, and that is the red rabbit patrolling the stairs. But i think taking damage from the red grobo seems like the more logical decision.

Funnily enough, i've also experimented with the yolo strat in Principal Fortress, back when i discovered the red card skip. It felt more viable doing it when you're opening the gate with a blue card, and just running in with momentum. With that said i haven't actually done it after a meca jump, and it feels kinda risky overall to be honest. But that's probably why its called a yolo strat.

Now on the last point. You seem to talk about holding enter, and it only working on the steam/gog version. The unintended side effects of holding enter seems to be a fault of the dosbox version, and as such i wonder if it should be legitimate for speedrunning. So i'm not sure what to make of that.
Nonetheless it is a cool find!

Don't be afraid to say something on discord, especially in the lba1-speedrun section. I'd love to have a discussion on even more things there.
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