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Newbie's questions


I am very new to speedrunning in general and especially LBA1. That's why I have several (certainly dumb) questions... Your answers, even the slightest one, are gladly welcomed and will help me getting started!

First of all, I'm concerned about the "version" of the game I'm running. I currently play on a DosBox environment, with an image of the good ol' game CD (made easier via the D-Fend Reloaded tool) on Win7. The game seems to be running without major lags, at normal speed, except for the menu animations (the blue flames in the menu boxes) which really are sped up compared to what I see from your runs. But this does not seem to affect navigation though.
Thus I was wondering what is the version of your game. I discovered Gog made a Windows-playable version, is this the one you use? If so, is mine OK?

Then, I am in awe of the new trick (the "Hologlitch"?) that makes sub-30 minutes runs possible! However, I have hard times understanding how it can work... Do we really know "what happens" behind those teleportations? How did we find the exact locations, orientation and timing on which it can be performed? Do you think more skips are to come with the use of the Hologlitch, or have we already found the extent of this trick?

Finally, I have some third-party-softwares-related questions!
What soft do you use to stream/record your runs? A classic OBS?
What soft do you use to have your time splits? Do you manually "hand-split", with a howtkey, or does a "game-memory-reader" exist, to auto-split?

I'm currently practicing and trying getting used to the road I saw on Kash's and banta's runs submitted on By the way, sadly, this new route made very cool speedrun guides (posted on this forum) obsolete, as well as packs of saves made for practice. But for the moment, the videos of the runs are enough to start with!

Anyway, I succeeded performing most of the tricks for the moment, yet I have hard times finding the good positioning for some Hologlitches, especially the one that allows us to get the trump of Gawley and the medallion. Surely some explanations about the trick and some practice will help
And I'll definitely check the LBA Discord soon, thanks for the link, Kash!

I apologize for the lenght of this post >< I hope my english is understandable, thank you very much for reading and (I hope!) for all your answers
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