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Hello and welcome! I guess i would share my thoughts on your questions aswell.

Like kash said most people run either the steam version or the GOG version, and they are the default running version for speedrunning. You said the menu animations are speed up, which makes me think it might be a cycles problem. The GOG version runs at 80000 cycles, which is what i think every windows version should run at to avoid inconsistencies. Keep it at that cycle amount, and it should be fine. Although if im not mistaken, i think the mac version runs at 100 000 cycles. I think the cycle amount is the important thing here, and not necessarily if your version is GOG/steam or not.

I'm really not an expert on the whole holo glitch, but maybe i can try explaining it with the risk of giving wrong information. Simply put something happens when we hold H, which puts twinsen in places he shouldn't be in. When we do it in the library, we put twinsen inside the stairs which makes us clip into it. When we do it on the outer sides of the map, it too puts twinsen in a place he shouldn't be in. The difference here is that putting twinsen in either the bottom left or the bottom right part of the screen puts him in a negative integer position, which makes the game put him at the max value, i.e the other side of the screen. Something like that. This is why we can't do the same thing on the other top sides of the screen.

I don't think there is any trick that has been truly found to its extent, and especially not the holo glitch. I think it might still be the most promising glitch right now in terms of finding new time skips. In terms of software and splitting, i use OBS and Llanfair which i do manual splitting with.
If you are serious about speedrunning lba 1, I could definately update the save pack to accommodate the new route. I appreciate your comment toward my guide, but I don't see myself updating it unfortunately. Personally i found it a bit too descriptive anyway.

I hope you visit the discord, cause I'm always happy to talk about lba speedrunning there. Gl
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