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I'll throw my thoughts in about the Holo-Glitch too, why not.

There's 4 tyes of geometry involved with the holo-glitch, these are
- regular walls
- slopes
- sprites (doors, NPCs, Funfrock busts etc.)
- the invisible walls at the edge of the scene (or EOS)

The sprites and EOS have a particular attribute that makes them kind of "soft" and won't stop Twinsen dead in his tracks if he tries to clip inside them, unlike regular walls which will just stop you dead.

So every time we bring up the holomap is has to load up this new screen with the globe on it, and every time it disappears it has to load up the current scene again (map, cube, whatever).
When the current scene is being loaded, the game only accounts for Twinsens current trajectory and not his current position. We can take advantage of this by moving Twinsen at the highest speed possible (start of a jump or saber backflip) which will push him far enough into the sprite/EOS before the game has a chance to push him back out again.
So if he ends up inside of a sprite or a wall, he'll simply clip to the top of it. Or if there's a loadzone *inside* of a sprite, he'll hit this and be taken to another scene instead.
Or if he ends up outside of the scene completely, he'll be warped to the opposite side because of an underflow (which only works from bottom to top, since the area twinsen can move in must be larger than the scene itself, but that's just speculation). More on that later.

How to set this up is important depending on what you're trying to accomplish.
So let's start with the EOS clip (as used in the speedrun to skip the locksmith/beating up a clone on Principal island)
Here we use the holo-glitch on the EOS to push us into and on top of the adjacent wall.
The two things to be aware of is the direction Twinsen is facing, and when you trigger the holomap screen-fades to appear.

The trick is to angle Twinsen so that when he jumps and you trigger the holomap, his acceleration will force him into the EOS when the scene reloads, which will then push him back out at a new position. In this case, on top of the fence.
The timing window for this is hard to put into text so have a look at my speedrun (which has button inputs displayed) or some of my tutorial videos.

Next we'll look at clipping into doors (used in the speedrun for entering the principal fortress/teleportation center)
This works in much the same way but instead we use a regular wall in place of the EOS.
The trick here is to angle Twinsen so that he's jumping into an adjacent wall and not the sprite itself, because if twinsen is in contact with a sprite he simply won't jump at all.

Here you can see that Twinsen is pushing himself into a wall, but the wall is rejecting him, so his acceleration means he's pushed into the door sprite instead.
Important note: it's possible to clip inside of a door with a bad angle, which means that he will be inside the door but he won't be touching the loadzone inside it, so he'll be stuck.

Okay, the Pacman warp. Perhaps the easiest to execute. (used in the speedrun in lots of places, it's very distinct )
Used in the same way as the other two glitches, but this time the goal is to push Twinsen so far into the EOS that he effectively goes out of bounds.
This is simply achieved by timing the jump and the execution of the holomap like before, but angling Twinsen to jump straight into the invisible wall.

This is how I see it in my head, so it may not be accurate, but it seems to be consistent with the theory.
So in the illustration, when Twinsens position becomes a negative value by pacman warping, the game gets confused and reads the value as a high one and puts him on a place on the far edge of the screen where he is still technically in bounds.

All scenes in the game have the same inbounds size, but in smaller places like houses, this is just empty space with a kill plane at the bottom. So using this glitch will most likely just get Twinsen killed unless it's on a big area like Lupinburg or the Hamalayi Bunker.

Also important to note that if performing this glitch puts Twinsen somewhere where he is inside of geometry, then he will simply clip to the top of it like in the other holo-glitches.
And if there's no terrain at all, he'll plummet to his death.

And finally the slope glitch. (used in the Principal library)
Same principal as the other glitches, only this time it's applied vertically instead of horizontally.
The timing on this can be a little more tricky than the others, but the method is effectively the same. When standing on a slope (or stairs) and using the holo-glitch, the game treats floor the same as walls. Fortunately, the floors are only 1px deep, so it's relatively easy to move Twinsens lower hitbox through them before they have a chance to push him back out since only his feet making contact seems to matter. And since he's falling, he's moving fast enough to make it through.

Places where this won't work are when the floor you're attempting to clip through is a sprite (like the entrance to Fortress Island or the Rabbibunny hole in Hamalayi) and where the floor is directly on top of the bottom of the scene/the kill plane.

There's an extension to this glitch that has been dubbed the SamClip, but I've talked enough already, so I'll save that for a future post.

I think that's everything...?
Tell me if I forgot anything.
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