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Wow thanks guys for those awesome replies! It warms my heart and makes me even more motivated knowing all the efforts you put into these strats and explanations!

Regarding my version, I think I'll compare my loading time and see if there's a difference. But for the moment, I'm not skilled enough for it to make a difference x)
Thanks for the advice, MevX, it was indeed a cycles problem. I was able to fix it by lower the cycle value at 80 000. It works like a charm now, and the game seems to be still running at a normal pace. It even seems to make the game avoid some nasty lags which occurred when Twinsen is falling from a hedge (this did not happened at all on a shitty laptop, which definitely confirms the thesis of the CPU cycle value).

Wahoo that's one hell of a "why not", banta!
Thank you very much, your answer is very clear and your animations make it even more easier to understand, that's awesome, I would never have expected something like this!
I have a better understanding of the "bouncing" effect, that will help me have better position and angle! I have hard times performing the hologlitch to enter doors (the Principal fortress especially, ofter makes me stuck in the air and unable to move at all if I'm poorly positioned, which results in a forced reload). I'll practice this a lot more knowing the technique behind it (and I've my library of screenshot for almost each hologlitch, my cheatsheet to get a good positioning, yay \o/)!
And now that I think about it, there's another one hologlitch I think you did not mention... Well that's maybe not a "real" hologlitch, but it uses the principles behind it to reach a trigger (you do not seem to bounce on a wall, though). I especially think about the one when you enter the fortress on Principal (around 8:35 in your run submitted on, whilst you're walking literally in the door. Do you do some sort of "teleportation"? Because it seems really easy finding the trigger watching your run, however when in practice, that's kinda tricky...
Well, this glitch surely opens a new range of possibilities, maybe I'll get to find new things too, who knows!

Thanks for the software tips! I've downloaded OBS and LiveSplit! Time for setup now (:
I'll definitely try to stream (depending on my hardware too...), never done this before, but that should be definitely nice to do! And that will give a purpose to my Twitch account too!

Haha reading the guide was definitely worth it, it's great! I first read it before really seriously watching new runs (hologlitch's runs were not yet posted on anyway), and liked it
for its completeness, actually. I must admit, I was quite disappointed, when I found out that the route radically changed with the hologlitch. But the input display on banta's runs helped me a lot figuring out how some glitches were made (especially the ascension of Twinsen, using the ENTER key). So I understand updating would be a huge project.
I made my own save pack (~40 saves) following the route used in the new runs. Every save sure has a silly name, but it works well for my practice. Obviously, I can share it, if anyone is interested (:

Thanks again for the tip of the Gawley's horn holo! I practiced this trick a lot and I my success rate improves a lot!

Once again, thank you very much, these three replies really made me happy! I'm very excited about doing my real first splitted run, diving in the world of speedrunning with LBA!
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