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Twinsen LBA1 Windows patch


It seems that Mr. Raynal won't release Windows patch for Little Big Adventure 1 in the near future, so I tried to make one myself. It has been tested and works not so bad in Windows 9x with demo version of LBA1, floppy version and a CD-rip of American version (Relentless).
Could someone be so kind as to test this patch with the full CD version and in Windows ME/NT 4/2000?
To install this patch, download the attached .ZIP file, extract it to your LBA directory and run PATCH.EXE. It will create a new patched executable, LBAWIN.EXE, that should run in Windows.

P.S. Sorry about posting unregistered. I tried to register two days ago as FunnyFrog, but that confirmation letter hasn't arrived yet. (Yes, I entered my e-mail address correctly.)

Update: there's a new version of the patch available in this thread.

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