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Here's the thing. I donwloaded the patch into the Relent dir, and when running lbawin.exe the screen turns black for 3 seconds and then returns back to windows...

okey, nevermind...I had that problem but i went to the lba windows setup, and seted up the its up and running...although i do have several problems....

-When a movie is playing the screen goes seems that its unable to show it. I can press ECS to skip them, but its just getting really annoying. In addition to that, I have also discovered that when zooming in the game goes through the same prossess. In any case, you always hear sound, but there is never any visual.

-This is the major problem that i have with the game...In the menu everythings goes 5 times faster than its supposed to. Meaning, when i highlight a catagory the moving waves move extremely quickly. And when I go to control the volume of the game, the bar also jumps all the way to the end even if i quickly press the arrow key...

I would like to thank you very much for creating this patch...A lot of ppl have been wating for it for years.

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