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Originally Posted by StreGGy View Post
It's clear that deserted places are the number one place, for obvious reasons, not a beach. I don't know what kind of researches you guys are suggesting, but I'm pretty informed on this. Usually the "lonely" raper doesn't care of the woman's appearences, but gangs do. It's about bragging of their superiority, and how hot was the girl they raped. Raping a bad looking old woman would result as a shame to their masculinity.
How about the girl that jumped onto a bus in central Delhi and was gangraped. Niether her location or dress would have suggested to any rational person that she was at risk of rape, yet she was. And it comes down to the simple fact that a group of sociopathic men who perhaps viewed her as a lesser bieng forcibly took advantage of her with not so much as an inkling of regard for her mental or physical well being.

because they were choosen because of how they acted in a disco event, or yes, how they were dressed.
That's such outrageous bullshit. They were chosen because they were easy prey and the men who targetted them were worthless amoral scum.

Do you keep your wallet out of other people's reach? Or do you place it in your back pocket at everyone's display? Do you lock your house before leaving, or do you leave its door open? You could forget it open, you could forget to place your wallet in a proper place, you don't want your stuff to be stolen, but I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.
Rape happens even in Saudi Arabia where only a womans eye's show under a burka. What do you say to that

Deserted Alley X you get laughed at - "What did you expect?!". And honestly, that's what I think too.
The problem is that sometimes woman don't have an option to avoid areas with seedy men. Think of the favelas in Rio, war torn africa, refugee camps in Darfur.

But the men who commit these heinous crimes have a choice. They shouldn't be shown so much as an iota of mercy.

And the victim should never be blamed. How dare anyone man or woman on their high-horse blame someone who has just come out of a life changing ordeal. How dare they place even more on their shoulders after what they have already suffered?
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