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You can't accept someone else's point of view, can you? If someone has a different opinion than yours he's just stupid is it?

complete and utter bullshit that you've neglected to source. you can start by reading this page, as you seem to be incredibly ill-informed.

It saw it on TV and I searched for it on the internet without luck. It basically studied the rape phenomena in italy. Famous psychologists did this study, not only italians. It even showed that you can get raped for different motives depending on the country's culture and sociologic environment. You do realize that the study of the human mind is not a complete science, that a psychologist can say the exact opposite of another psychologist? I find it possible that dresses play a big role here. I'm not a molester or anything, but I like watching. Who do you think catches my eye in the street, a beautiful girl dressed pretty sexy or a simple one covering the nicer parts of her body? I'm a man, I feel sexually attracted by the sexier looking one. a male raper has a gender too.

paedophile apologism aside, comparing rape to petty crime is an extremely shitty thing to do and undermines any point you had rather than strengthens it.

My final sentence in my previous post should clearify that I was NOT comparing (and I stated it TWICE in my previous posts), that was just to explain the reason, and to answer Anakin's wallet exemple.

wow your friends are shitlords too? who would have thought

I didn't mention friends. You can discuss with people you know or you don't know. once again, read my final sentence again and again and again until you understand its full meaning. One word: Sociology.

How about the girl that jumped onto a bus in central Delhi and was gangraped. Niether her location or dress would have suggested to any rational person that she was at risk of rape, yet she was. And it comes down to the simple fact that a group of sociopathic men who perhaps viewed her as a lesser bieng forcibly took advantage of her with not so much as an inkling of regard for her mental or physical well being.

I wasn't being generical. I'm not saying that ALL girls get raped because of their dresses! My previous posts say that once again.

because they were choosen because of how they acted in a disco event, or yes, how they were dressed.

Once again, I wasn't generical. It can happen, it's not the main case, but it exists.

Rape happens even in Saudi Arabia where only a womans eye's show under a burka. What do you say to that

Same answer

The problem is that sometimes woman don't have an option to avoid areas with seedy men. Think of the favelas in Rio, war torn africa, refugee camps in Darfur.
That's true.

But the men who commit these heinous crimes have a choice. They shouldn't be shown so much as an iota of mercy.

That's generalysing. Once again, I previously stated that I am not justyfing rapers. But some mercy, I would give it to some particular cases. Again, from my previous post:
Take a man with mental disorders who's trying to get cured. A woman dressed like this in the street doesn't help him

And the victim should never be blamed. How dare anyone man or woman on their high-horse blame someone who has just come out of a life changing ordeal. How dare they place even more on their shoulders after what they have already suffered?

I give you a point there. The "what did you expect" part works with a car theft, not with a rape. I would never blame this to a victim. Even if it could be my opinion in that exact matter.

alipstick - I've been nice and gentle until now, too much it seems. I even gave you a reason to my way of thinking, but you don't want to understand. Opinions are like testicles, everyone has theirs - Those are my opinions and I have no fear to show them to you. I'm happy to share points of view, but I'm not in the mood for a flamewar. Spare your rage for someone else, because that's my last reply to your offenses, which only deserve to be ignored. I doubt this can easily turn into a civil discussion, goodbye, I guess.
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