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Originally Posted by A_LIPSTICK View Post
also if opinions are like testicles, does that mean i don't have any?
Dont worry babe, my uncle promises me that you do indeed have testicles

That's generalysing. Once again, I previously stated that I am not justyfing rapers. But some mercy, I would give it to some particular cases. Again, from my previous post:
Wtf, why? Aw, poor poor man, he was tempted...

Take a man with mental disorders who's trying to get cured. A woman dressed like this in the street doesn't help him
All I hear is
"Take example A, which probably counts for a relatively negligible number of rapes, and use it to excuse a large chunk of rapes"

Considering the significant widespread proliferation of rape around the world, its safe to assume that the vast majority is committed by mentally and physically capable men, to whom the excuse of mental disorders would not apply.
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