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Originally Posted by streggy View Post

take a man with mental disorders who's trying to get cured. A woman dressed like this in the street doesn't help him
omg roflmao

anyway stop being such a baby, your opinion isn't being rejected because it's "someone else's opinion", it's being rejected because you're not providing any sources and plus because it's fucking stupid.
what you're basically saying in that bit i quoted is that a woman who lives in a hot country with 40 degrees celsius of heat should still cover herself up completely, even at the cost of great discomfort, because otherwise she's being inconsiderate towards a person with mental disorders who might be passing by.

that's like telling a black person who was harassed by the police that he should have covered up his blackness, because police men don't like black people and walking like the street doesn't really help them!
Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist
there's no room for subtleties, which are so important in personalities such as mine.

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