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Or, if the woman is partially to blame, then why is it that only the rapist gets imprisoned and the victim does not? I mean if the victim was at fault as well, then why doesn't she get jail time for dressing in a way which led to her being victimized?
Why doesn't the judge in court say to her, "you will do jail time as well because you put this man in a position to break the law."

Why doesn't she get in trouble as well? Because it was not her fault.

Yes, I know my example is a bit to the extreme, but the reason that only the rapist gets thrown in prison, and not the woman, is clearly because it is obviously only the man's fault.

All the rapist is looking for is an opportunity to rape. He doesn't give a damn in the word what she's wearing. If he sees an opportunity, he will take it. All he sees is a chance to dominate a female. Because underneath whatever she is wearing,(skirt, pants, whatever) is a vagina, and that is all he is thinking about.

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