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As I said on the first page, I'm mostly a spectator here, but I feel compelled to mention my abhorrence at the victim blame going on in this thread (to say nothing for how far we've veered offtopic into ad hominem attacks and pigeon rape).

To avoid piling on, I'll start by noting that I get (on some level) Streggy's point that people should not knowingly place themselves in risky situations unless they accept that risk. If I park an expensive car in a high-crime neighborhood known for auto thefts, that's my own poor judgment. I assumed that risk by being a complete idiot. Fair enough.

That doesn't make it a good analogy to rape whatsoever. First of all, victim blaming is ridiculous. As others have pointed out, rapes happen in crowded places, at parties, in offices, in dark alleys, in parking garages. In others words: anywhere. Are there quote unquote "bad neighborhoods" (which I'll assume translates to high crime areas, most likely ethnically homogenous minorities) where your odds of crimes of all sorts, not just rape, goes up? Sure. While crime can be tied to socioeconomic factors, for example, crime can happen anywhere. But the idea that a woman in a skirt set off some primal urge and thus is the woman's fault is batshit insane. Axx pointed out the recent problem India is having with gang rapes/homicides on mass transits. To highlight how frivolous it is to analogize rape, how about the recent killings in New York City subways? Are we going to blame the victims who were pushed in front of trains because they took the subway?

Rapists are criminals. Sexual compulsives are not the same as rapists, and while not mutually exclusive, to portray rapists as uncontrollable mental cases who couldn't contain their lusts and were tempted by a bit of d├ęcolletage is basically burying ones head in the sand. IIRC sex crimes see the highest rates of recidivism out of all crimes, which in my opinion warrants considerable periods of incarceration without any opportunity for reincorporation into society.
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