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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Note that the site doesn't give its sources for their "facts". I think giving sources in this conversation would be useless, as there are hundreds of sites and researchs contradicting eachother.
I think we can only argue theorytically, and not about actual facts...
yeah except for the pdfs full of research and statistics that you can download from the website. and that's just one website. there are many, many others.

we can't "only talk about this theoretically" as we're dealing with actual established facts here.

Originally Posted by Ratchet View Post
It was humorous how he tied it in yeah, but you have to keep in mind that women dont have them.

He should have said instead, "Opinions are like nipples, everyone has theirs -Those are my opinions and I have no fear to show them to you."
i don't want to see his nipples either
[21:53] <OBattler> i just donĀ“t believe in behaving like either an animal
[21:53] <OBattler> or like adolf hitler

Originally Posted by StreGGy View Post
Opinions are like testicles, everyone has theirs - Those are my opinions and I have no fear to show them to you.
but that's what it is, the troll is a rapist
a soul rapist

- Link, 2013
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