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Twinsun Strat Specific Save Files

LBA 1 - Strat Specific Save Files v1.0

Following the Route Specific Save Files I've also put together a list of saves for the more difficult strats in the currently established route. Each of these saves reflect an ideal, or close to ideal, starting point of each different strat. It is recommended to use these save files both to practice pulling of the strats over and over and getting the feel for positioning.

In creating these save files I've intended to make practice of specific strats easier. Use these in any way you see fit. Feel free to change or add to the saves and share these with the rest of us.

It is highly recommended that you set each of these save files to read-only. This will allow you to keep practicing strats involving the meca-penguin without losing the meca each time, or to prevent scene changes/game over deaths to have permanent effect on the save file.

Current strats included are:
  1. Zebra Crossing (Getting to the Astronomer faster in Lupin Burg)
  2. Museum Skip (Getting Sendell's Medallion and Horn of Gawley without going to the museum)
  3. Hamalayi Meca-Jump (Skipping the Rebellion and instead meca-jumping the gate outside the transporter between the Norther and Souther Hemispheres)
  4. Mutant Eggs (Practice destroying the mutant eggs)
  5. Clear Water Meca-Jump (Practice getting past the blue card door near clear water lake without the blue card)
  6. Hamalayi Pipe Trick (Going from the Northern to the Southern Hemisphere without going through the rabbit hole)
  7. Principal Fortress Meca-Jump (Get past the blue card gate outside the Principal Island fortress using a meca-jump)
  8. Teleportation Meca-Jump (Practice getting the meca-jump over the Teleportation center gate just right)

Download latest version (v.1.0)

How to install:
Just throw these in your LBA 1 folder and you're ready to go. For further tips, see recommended use below.

Remember to set these save files as read-only as mentioned above. This way they won't get overwritten by LBA 1 but can still be loaded.
This is as to prevent the saves from not reflecting the starting points of the strat, such as different scene or having no meca-penguin.
1.0 (2015-09-13):
  • Initial release.
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