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Originally Posted by serializer View Post
Hey man, just one comment on these saves, I don't think it's a good idea to edit the spawn position. The tricky part with many of these jumps is actually getting into the right position in the first place as quickly as possible, especially when under pressure from enemies e.g. with the blue gate skips especially! And the positions of enemies when you do the jump is dependent in how long it took you to get there. So these saves are not really representative of actually performing the trick in a run ...
Definitely a good point and one I was thinking of also when creating these. I agree, this is especially true for the mega-jump at the blue card gate near clear water lake, where in a run the soldier takes aim at you and you have to perform the trick quickly.

I opted however into having these saves reflect an ideal position, or close to at least, to start from so that a runner can more easily see how it is performed. Getting the timing right especially on meca-jumps can be tricky at first and is good to practice separately.

Further saves could be made, where you start where you would ordinarily start for the scene in question, so that you have to run in and get the positioning right too. I think that would complement nicely!

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