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Whoa... Interesting how insect-like creatures seem to be a recourring theme in LBA3 (in reference to this concept art from a while ago ). From what we've seen so far they might be the main enemies, I wonder how they tie in with the plot though.
They could be insect aliens (we know those are a thing thanks to LBA2) or new breeds of Funfrock mutants... but both would be kind of a retread of what we've already seen in the first two games so I'm inclined to think they're a new threat entirely.
Considering how LBA3 was tentatively subtitled "the genesis of the stellar entity" I wonder if they have something to do with unexplored aspects of Twinsun's lore instead. Hard to say at this point, but intriguing. It's pretty much the first LBA3 concept art we've seen has hints of a major conflict going on in the game's plot.

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