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It depress's me partly because I think gamification can be a strong tool for good.
The separation between play and work, between a game and life, is often far too harsh.

I think partly because life lacks the structure of a game - a game gives us more sense of reward for doing precise things. A level in a game might be hard, but we know "the rules" we know (glitches aside) why we fail, and we learn to do better next time. By comparison lifes a mess, we often dont know if what we are doing will ever lead anywhere.
Adding some aspects of games to "lifes mess" could inspire people to improve ourselves in various ways as well as give more satisfaction.

But, clearly, it can also be a tool for control of populations. When a nudge becomes a push, and when citizens choices are slowly cut down anyway.

Polaris - In principle, yes. In practice, China can just "encourage" the leading social network to use this system, regardless of who they are.
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