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- Polaris: Is it not? Sure, maybe not by the government, but our governments need not move a finger when they have the Social Justice Warriors do it for them. The SJW's declare anyone disagreeing with uncontrolled immigration to be a Nazi, anyone with views not favorable to immigration/gay marriage/gay adoption/transsexual/more than 2 genders as Nazi, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, etc. and have their career ruined (it has happened to several people already). Anyone disagreeing with the official stories on 9/11 and so on similarly gets ostracized, as do pro-Russian people.
In Denmark, an immigrant tried to rape a girl, and the girl defended herself with pepper spray, the guy wasn't touched by the police, while the girl was arrested because pepper spray is against the law in Denmark. In the UK, Pakistani immigrants can freely rape 12 year old girls but if anyone so much as insults one of those immigrants, they are in police trouble. Same with here - the Roma can commit every single imaginable crime but do anything against them and you have the human rights ombudsman at your throat for "oppression".

Then we have SJW's making crap like "privilege charts" like this: . The only way in which this crap differs from the Chinese stuff is that it comes directly from the people. And our governments encourage this by introducing a school system where children are encouraged to touch each other (see Switzerland), where 13-year-olds are given questionaries where they're asked about sexual orientation, cis/trans, and given choice from among 25 genders (see the UK), child genital mutilation is encouraged for children identifying themselves as "trans" (see Sweden), peaceful protests are prohibited (see France), attempt to block referendums on gay marriage and adoption (see Slovenia, where the referendum nevertheless took place and 63% voted against gay marriage and adoption), allow paedophile parties to be elected into parliament (see the Netherlands), give the finger to the constitution in order to push a specific "progressive" agenda onto the entire nation (see the US), block opposition parties (again see Sweden), dictate policies to the entire EU under threat of cutting funds (see Germany), or betray their own people in favor of immigrants that immigrate with fake Syrian passports (see again Germany), yes I'd say the situation here is just as bad as in China.

Add to the fact our media are completely and totally controlled by the US. We've already had journalists come out and admit CIA gives them pre-written scripts and tells them to publish in their own name. That, and the fact all our media adhere to the same party line on matters concering EU, immigration, US, and Russia. Is this freedom?

Oh, and if anyone so much as DARES tell the people the US is spying on the whole world, well, they can expect being hunted more fiercely than the worst criminals are. Just ask Edward Snowden about that.
And if you're a head of state or government, well, God forbid you DARE oppose the party line of the US, EU, and Germany. You will sanctioned, unless of course you have either natural resources (see the Arab world and Iran) or produce stuff everyone buys (see China), then you can commit the worst human rights violations and noone will touch you. And even from that rule you will get an exemption if your country's name happens to be Russia. Just ask Putin about all the flak he's had to take from EU and US.

Oh, and the EU itself has to do as the US says or else the US will "twist its arms" as Biden happily admitted doing regarding the Crime and Ukraine situation in 2014.
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