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I think you need to split that rant up, you cover half a dozen topics and only about half seems relevant to this thread. You badly need a load of citations as well.

As for SJWs, people ranting online about stuff they believe in - and you ranting against them - is, if anything, proof europe still has a long way to go (in that respect) till its anywhere near China. If the government cares about a issue, you either rant on their side, or not at all.

SJW isn't even a group of people anyway. Its just now a derogatory term for people who campaign on issues with different beliefs to their own. Plenty of SJWs will be calling other SJWs SJWs that when those peoples beliefs don't match their own.

all our media adhere to the same party line on matters concering EU, immigration, US, and Russia. Is this freedom?
Who's media? Murdochs media in the UK is pretty anti-immigration and anti-europe.

Camarons government is too - partly because EU laws are making it awkward for the UK to spy on everyone else legally. (the UK wants to re-write the bill of rights too for that reason).

There's a clusterfuck of bad in all sorts of countries, I'm sure, but it isn't one voice nor one view.

give the finger to the constitution in order to push a specific "progressive" agenda onto the entire nation (see the US)
I assume you mean the leading republican candidate that wants to ban all museums from entering the country, and put spy cameras in all the mosques right? I wouldn't call that progressive, but, yeah, probably anti-constitutional.

The extreme right wing in the Neatherlands wanted to get rid of separation of church and state here too. (like the US, its pretty high up the rights list).
Didn't get anywhere with it though.

Fortunately the idea of religion specific laws is repellent to do many people here. Blame SJWs if you want, but its more just common public opinion.
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