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Originally Posted by Darkflame
As for SJWs, people ranting online about stuff they believe in - and you ranting against them - is, if anything, proof europe still has a long way to go (in that respect) till its anywhere near China. If the government cares about a issue, you either rant on their side, or not at all.
Is being arrested and tortured by the government authorities any different from being beaten up by a bunch of third wave feminists, as well as them going after your career? Again, it did and does happen. The former CEO of Mozilla was forced to resign after he was found to have donated to a group opposing gay adoption and the current CEO is a complete SJW.
For God's sake, they are eradicating the terms "master" and "slave" as well as many others from technological use because of their non-technological meanings. China is actually better than that since at least the Chinese government isn't set out to get rid of any words that may have a negative connotation. Our SJW's are. And changing the language so that "bad" thoughts can't be expressed is pretty much the Orwellian way.
Also, there are some SJW's in my own IRC channel who like going at my throat the second I express any belief contrary to theirs. They've called me everything, from racist to homophobe, xenophobe, Nazi, fascist, etc. And let me remind you of A_LIPSTICK right here on the MBN and her calling me things such as "woman-hater" when I simply criticized the most radical of feminists. And if you remember, she literally barged into every conversation where anyone expressed the slightest thought she disagreed with, often with incredibly aggressive retorts.
Granted, I haven't seen that happen in some time now, but it still used to happen. Also, the only reason why I haven't suffered real-life repercussions yet is because here in Slovenia, the SJW's are not that strong yet, so we're still relatively free to express our views. But look at Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden... they have SJW's in their parliaments and they do their best to denigrate any politician not agreeing with them.

SJW isn't even a group of people anyway. Its just now a derogatory term for people who campaign on issues with different beliefs to their own. Plenty of SJWs will be calling other SJWs SJWs that when those peoples beliefs don't match their own.
I use derogatory language about them because of their attitudes. Just an example of things they like saying:
- "Die, cis scum!";
- "All men are evil and should be exterminated";
- "Check your privilege!";
- "Our women are so oppressed that they have immigrants rape them so their cries for help can be heard".
When they say things like this, do they really deserve any respect?

Who's media? Murdochs media in the UK is pretty anti-immigration and anti-europe.

Camarons government is too - partly because EU laws are making it awkward for the UK to spy on everyone else legally. (the UK wants to re-write the bill of rights too for that reason).

There's a clusterfuck of bad in all sorts of countries, I'm sure, but it isn't one voice nor one view.
Tell me, how many Western media have said anything about the Ukraine crisis (ongoing from 2014 to now) other than "Russia is evil", "Ukraine is a poor innocent sheep", "The Crimean referendum was illegal", etc.? None.
How many have mentioned things such as oppositing parties being beaten up by Right Sector thugs, peaceful pro-Russian protesters being arrested for political reasons, and events such as the Odessa May 2nd massacre where 100+ peaceful pro-Russian protesters were burnt alive in the trade unions building, and the survivors beaten up and arrested and not released to this day? None.
How many have condemned the illegitmate secession of Kosovo from Serbia or the illegitmate NATO bombing of Serbia? None.
How many have condemned the anti-Gaddafi terrorists in Libya that have turned the country into a clusterfuck? None.
How many have actually said the truth about how Russia destroyed more ISIS targets in a week than the US and their allied had in a year? None.
How many have actually said anything other about Tibet than "Free Tibet" and "Evil China oppresses Tibetans" (LOL, I didn't know allowing primary education in the Tibetan language and allowing people to freely practice Tibetan Buddhism was oppression)? None.
How many have supported Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Viktor Orbán? None.
How many have said anything positive at all about Russia in the last 8 years? None.
How many have expressed any view about 9/11 other than the official story? None.
How many have condemned Erdoğan's shooting down of the Russian plane or Turkey's doing business with ISIS? None.
If it wasn't for Russian media such as RT, we would only have one view presented on most things.

Put simply, things dont divide by the lines you think they do here, nor, thankfully, is it all US controlled.
All the examples I listed above prove our media are controlled by one strong, single force, or else we wouldn't be seeing so many different media expressing the exact same views on all of those events.
That is of course not counting minor media, because 90% of the consumers do not consume minor media, they consume big media which unfortunately follow the party line for 75% of the stuff, while disagreeing on the 25% of little importance, kind of like the media of different factions of the Chinese Communist Party in China, who sure, criticize the opposing factions of the party but otherwise pretty much follow the party line.

I assume you mean the leading republican candidate that wants to ban all museums from entering the country, and put spy cameras in all the mosques right? I wouldn't call that progressive, but, yeah, probably anti-constitutional.
1. Interesting, how you immediately assumed I was talking about the party you dislike, implying you don't think the progressives/liberals couldn't possibly do bad things.
2. No, I was talking about the Supreme Court of the US which, in 2014 or when that was, violated the US constitution by essentially imposing the legalization of gay marriage in every single US state.

Edit: And nice quote mine then. Trump NEVER said he would ban ALL Muslims from entering the US, just that he would fix the immigrant screening system, to make sure only the good ones enter, while the bad ones (the Jihadis) stay out. Something the EU should do too. But instead, we're allowing every single immigrant to get in uncontrollably, a lot of which even with fake Syrian passports, then do nothing while they rape our woman, AND demand that they be spread "fairly" across all EU member states, fuck the fact half of said states (including Slovenia!) have already been faring much worse than Germany before the immigrant crisis began. So no thanks, we do not want the immigrants. Not when there's no jobs even for us!
I support Donald Trump because he's entirely self-funded, is against uncontrolled immigration, and wants US to be friends with Russia. On the other hand, Sanders is being indirectly funded by George Soros (who had funded things such as the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine which turned Ukraine into a neo-Nazi authoritarian state), while Hillary Clinton is the wife of a rapist and adulterer while being someone who wants to continue the mess started by Obama.

The extreme right wing in the Neatherlands wanted to get rid of separation of church and state here too. (like the US, its pretty high up the rights list).
Didn't get anywhere with it though.

Fortunately the idea of religion specific laws is repellent to do many people here. Blame SJWs if you want, but its more just common public opinion.
Well, keep supporting Mark Rutte all you want (not saying the extreme right is much better, it is not), we'll see what happens when the Netherlands becomes as unsafe as Germany with all the immigrants raping women. Or when Amsterdam suffers the same kind of attacks Paris suffered on November 13th last year.
Also, don't you find it bad that we're inviting immigrants and giving them jobs while half of Europe is facing growing unemployment and recession?
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