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Woah boy, those are some long answers...

Originally Posted by Battler View Post
- Polaris: Is it not? Sure, maybe not by the government, but our governments need not move a finger when they have the Social Justice Warriors do it for them.
To me, this seems like a pretty big difference...
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
The SJW's declare anyone disagreeing with uncontrolled immigration to be a Nazi, anyone with views not favorable to immigration/gay marriage/gay adoption/transsexual/more than 2 genders as Nazi, racist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, etc. and have their career ruined (it has happened to several people already).
You'll find stupid and generalising people everywhere, that's not a feature of those "SJW" (I put quotation marks because I still don't know exactly what this term means).
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
school system where children are encouraged to touch each other (see Switzerland)
What do you mean "touch" ? Also you do not link to sources in that whole paragraph, and I don't know exactly what you are referring to in most of your examples, I mainly follow Hungarian news
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
dictate policies to the entire EU under threat of cutting funds (see Germany)
Don't they have rights to do that ? I mean, richer countries are giving money to poorer ones in the EU, but I've never seen Hungary returning once the favor... So if it's not worth funding, funding stops, how is that a threat ? It's just business...
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
Add to the fact our media are completely and totally controlled by the US. We've already had journalists come out and admit CIA gives them pre-written scripts and tells them to publish in their own name. That, and the fact all our media adhere to the same party line on matters concering EU, immigration, US, and Russia.
Emm... Not to be picky again, but I'm gonna need some proof. Not saying it isn't true, it's just... Hardly believable...
And by proof, I don't mean examples...
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
Oh, and if anyone so much as DARES tell the people the US is spying on the whole world, well, they can expect being hunted more fiercely than the worst criminals are. Just ask Edward Snowden about that.
This indeed sucks.
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
And if you're a head of state or government, well, God forbid you DARE oppose the party line of the US, EU, and Germany. You will sanctioned, unless of course you have either natural resources (see the Arab world and Iran) or produce stuff everyone buys (see China), then you can commit the worst human rights violations and noone will touch you.
I think China and the arab world are just far away, I've never heard of sanctions against Mongolia or North Korea, and I doubt they are aligned on the western world's political views.
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
Oh, and the EU itself has to do as the US says or else the US will "twist its arms" as Biden happily admitted doing regarding the Crime and Ukraine situation in 2014.
About this and the beginning of your previously quoted paragraph, it's business !
The western world is completely deprived of any feeling as long as personified states go, whenever they give money, it is because it is beneficial for them. While this can be critiscized, it shouldn't be forgotten. When they are cutting funds or sanctionning, it isn't because of personal resentment, it's because economically speaking it is better (for them).

Originally Posted by Battler View Post
Is being arrested and tortured by the government authorities any different from being beaten up by a bunch of third wave feminists, as well as them going after your career?
It definitely is. Being arrested and tortured by the government is legal, being beaten up by citizens is not.
Originally Posted by Battler View Post
For God's sake, they are eradicating the terms "master" and "slave" as well as many others from technological use because of their non-technological meanings.
There are stupid people everywhere.

About all the examples you give : examples are never a proof.
You can give all the examples you want, it won't prove anything, at best, it gives a hunch.
Heck I can give you litteray an infinite example of positive numbers, this still won't mean that all numbers are positive.

I'd say the main problem nowadays is the lack of comunication and the radicalisation of about everyone. People don't really listen to eachother, as soon as someone starts talking, someone shouts "Neo Nazi ! Faschist ! Homophobe !" from one side and "Liberal ! Nation traitor ! SJW ! Polkorrekt !", no one thinking that the other side might express a genuine opinion, and not trying to ruin somebody's life for personal reasons.
Of course there people who are stupid, there are people who will dislike you and there will be a lot, but a human being is unique and as such should be judged independently from any group, be it ethnical, cultural or political.

Also, on a more personal point, why do you admire Orbàn that much ? Frankly he is just a politician from a party with radical views, which although does a fair job, has no idea what a democracy is and how it is supposed to work.

Earlier this year, he got angry with Simicska, the director of an advertising company, so they ended his billboard contract and tried to take his billboards away. Of course ending a contract which is valid for 25 years more years is illegal, so now the state will have to put these billboards back and pay for the company... While we could debate about the ethics behind this, only one thing saddens me, the utter amateurism we were presented with.

We also have the declarations of Kövér Làszlò, co-founder of Fidesz and speaker of the national assembly of Hungary who said during the party congress, that what women should strive for is making us grand-children, as giving birth is the peak of a woman's life. And this wasn't just a moment where he got carried away, he defended it afterwards in interviews.
Fidesz politicians were interviewed afterwards, none said he was wrong, even though some where obviously disturbed by it. Great party where you can't disagree with the learder, kinda like how the communist party in Hungary was...

Below is the pic of another billboard message by the government

The text reads "The people have chosen : The country must be protected".
Note that there wasn't any kind of vote with this question, but that's not the point. This message shows that the Fidesz mixes-up democracy and voting. Coming from politicians, it is not reassuring...

Orbàn is rebelling against the EU, what's the use of that ? What will happen if the EU has enough and just asks for Hungary to pay back its debts ? They've lent money for the building of the 4th metro, the restauration of monuments and buildings, the renovation of the Budapest, they funded anti-corruption investigations, structre for dealing with the refugees.
If that happens, Hungary will collapse, and the business-driven western states won't lift their pinky unless they can gain something out of it.
What then ? Is it really worth it ?
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