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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
Woah boy, those are some long answers...

To me, this seems like a pretty big difference...
To me, the situation in the EU seems worse. At least in China, you have the vague hope things will be better if you can somehow get rid of your government, here in EU, we change governments all the time but yet all of them seem to consist of leftist SJW's.

You'll find stupid and generalising people everywhere, that's not a feature of those "SJW" (I put quotation marks because I still don't know exactly what this term means).
SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior. It's people who push the "progressive" "liberal" agenda that includes falsehoods such as "gender is not the same as sex" and "there are more than 25 genders", as well as of course uncontrolled immigration, gay marriage, and gay adoption (sorry, I believe each child has the right to a mother and a father because they need both gender figures so they can learn to relate to both genders).

What do you mean "touch" ? Also you do not link to sources in that whole paragraph, and I don't know exactly what you are referring to in most of your examples, I mainly follow Hungarian news
In Switzerland, the new school programme directly encourages 6 year olds to touch each other's genitals.
In Denmark, an immigrant has recently tried to rape a woman who prevented it by defending herself with pepper spray. He reported her(!) to the police, and she got arrested because "pepper spray is against the law" while he wasn't touched.
Here in Slovenia, our government passed a law allowing gay marriage (they already had registered same-sex unions before with the exact same right so it was a term of word only) and gay adoption. People quickly got enough signatures for a binding referendum but our government tried to block it by declaring gay marriage and gay adoption "human rights". Thankfully, the government failed to do that, and the referendum was held, in which 63% voted against putting the gay marriage/adoption law in force. I'd say that's a major victory for democracy, seeing how it was the people's will that mattered in the end.
But they tried to block the referendum and the EU saw no problems with it. That's alarming.
In the UK, 13-year-olds in schools nationwide have been given a questionary asking them if they're trans or cis, gay or straight, and told to chose from among over 25 genders. Do you think that's an appropriate way to educate your children? I certainly don't.
In the Netherlands, about a decade ago, a paedophile party had made it into parliament. And noone blinked an eye about it. But were the anti-immigrationist euroskeptic Geert Wilders and his PVV party to make it into parliament, the EU would be up its arms instantly. When paedophiles are considered more appropriate than anti-immigrationist euroskeptics, our alarm bells should be ringing.
Germany has outright blackmailed Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras who was democratically elected on promise of stopping the austerity shit that has been strangling the Greek economy and that was imposed by Germany, to reinstate austerity or else Greece will not get further money to repay their debt. Of course, a debt write-off is considered out of question by the Germans, and hypocritically so, seeing as the same Germans demand that Russia write-off the debt of Ukraine that has shat on Russia in all possible ways from 2014 to now.
The German government has also allowed uncontrolled immigration into the country, and insulted anyone opposing it. German police had even been instructed to not touch immigrants and to cover up all crimes committed by the immigrants. For proof of that, read some articles on RT.
The Swedish government has blocked the only political party that disagreed with it. The same government has allowed uncontrolled immigration into the country, that is turning the country into a place less safe than most Middle Eastern countries. The same government has also legalized the mutilation of the genitals (= sex change operations) for any child aged 9 and onwards that decides they are "trans".

Don't they have rights to do that ? I mean, richer countries are giving money to poorer ones in the EU, but I've never seen Hungary returning once the favor... So if it's not worth funding, funding stops, how is that a threat ? It's just business...
1. Having the right to do something does not automatically make that action appropriate. 2. And sorry, but in my opinion, "impose the economic policies we want to, against the will of your own people, or else we're cutting funding" goes against the very principle of democracy, as it essentially means the EU elites and the Germans autocratically rule over all of the EU.

Emm... Not to be picky again, but I'm gonna need some proof. Not saying it isn't true, it's just... Hardly believable...
And by proof, I don't mean examples...
I said that about 75% of our news is written by the US, while 25% is not, and I have provided examples that prove some of it is indeed written by the US. Even a German journalist admitting CIA gave him scripts and told him to publish them in his own name. Read the article on RT.

I think China and the arab world are just far away, I've never heard of sanctions against Mongolia or North Korea, and I doubt they are aligned on the western world's political views.
North Korea has been sanctioned to hell and back by US and their allies, though North Korea actually DOES violate human rights and threaten peace with their nuclear tests.
And Mongolia is allied with the US and has agreed to host the US military on their territory. Not much reason for the West to sanction them.

About this and the beginning of your previously quoted paragraph, it's business !
The western world is completely deprived of any feeling as long as personified states go, whenever they give money, it is because it is beneficial for them. While this can be critiscized, it shouldn't be forgotten. When they are cutting funds or sanctionning, it isn't because of personal resentment, it's because economically speaking it is better (for them).
Then write off the debts to Greece and so on? Would certainly be better than blackmail...

It definitely is. Being arrested and tortured by the government is legal, being beaten up by citizens is not.
Being beaten up by citizens is also legal when your government supports it. And certainly, the leftist governments running most of Western Europe support it.

About all the examples you give : examples are never a proof.
You can give all the examples you want, it won't prove anything, at best, it gives a hunch.
Heck I can give you litteray an infinite example of positive numbers, this still won't mean that all numbers are positive.
But it does mean some are. Just like examples of stories all our media agree on, as well as a journalist admitting stuff, are evidence of the US manipulating our media, even if they don't manipulate all the things our media write.

I'd say the main problem nowadays is the lack of comunication and the radicalisation of about everyone. People don't really listen to eachother, as soon as someone starts talking, someone shouts "Neo Nazi ! Faschist ! Homophobe !" from one side and "Liberal ! Nation traitor ! SJW ! Polkorrekt !", no one thinking that the other side might express a genuine opinion, and not trying to ruin somebody's life for personal reasons.
Of course there people who are stupid, there are people who will dislike you and there will be a lot, but a human being is unique and as such should be judged independently from any group, be it ethnical, cultural or political.
Actually, it's mostly the leftists / SJW's that do that, as well as the fascists. Or at least that's so on my IRC network, where the leftist SJW's go at your throat instantly if you express any view contrary to theirs, while our resident conservatives actually rationally debate their views with you.

Also, on a more personal point, why do you admire Orbàn that much ? Frankly he is just a politician from a party with radical views, which although does a fair job, has no idea what a democracy is and how it is supposed to work.
Because the opposition is truly democratic? You really want the EU to autocratically dictate policies to your country?

Earlier this year, he got angry with Simicska, the director of an advertising company, so they ended his billboard contract and tried to take his billboards away. Of course ending a contract which is valid for 25 years more years is illegal, so now the state will have to put these billboards back and pay for the company... While we could debate about the ethics behind this, only one thing saddens me, the utter amateurism we were presented with.
No politician is perfect. But at least he has the balls to do something, something that can't be said for most EU politicians.

We also have the declarations of Kövér Làszlò, co-founder of Fidesz and speaker of the national assembly of Hungary who said during the party congress, that what women should strive for is making us grand-children, as giving birth is the peak of a woman's life. And this wasn't just a moment where he got carried away, he defended it afterwards in interviews.
Fidesz politicians were interviewed afterwards, none said he was wrong, even though some where obviously disturbed by it. Great party where you can't disagree with the learder, kinda like how the communist party in Hungary was...
And the left-wing pro-EU parties are no better, they just have a different leader they think noone is allowed to disagree with, or better a group of leaders, from Brussels and Berlin.
Also, a woman's primary biological role is to carry the children and take care of them. There's a reason why most women choose jobs where they work with other people and take care of other people. Of course both genders need equal rights, but to deny the existence of gender roles is just ridiculous.

Below is the pic of another billboard message by the government

The text reads "The people have chosen : The country must be protected".
Note that there wasn't any kind of vote with this question, but that's not the point. This message shows that the Fidesz mixes-up democracy and voting. Coming from politicians, it is not reassuring...
The country must be protected, unless you want it to end up as badly as Germany and Sweden have, with immigrants raping your women and your women being arrested for self-defense.

Orbàn is rebelling against the EU, what's the use of that ? What will happen if the EU has enough and just asks for Hungary to pay back its debts ? They've lent money for the building of the 4th metro, the restauration of monuments and buildings, the renovation of the Budapest, they funded anti-corruption investigations, structre for dealing with the refugees.
If that happens, Hungary will collapse, and the business-driven western states won't lift their pinky unless they can gain something out of it.
What then ? Is it really worth it ?
Collapse? Nah, Hungary will then just switch to a new funder, one whose flag is a white-blue-red tricolor and whose capital is Moscow. A funder that is probably already giving them money anyway.

Edit: Important announcement - tonight at 22:00 CET, Canale+ in France is showing a documentary telling the whole truth about Ukraine and Maidan. Everyone who can, please watch!

Edit #2: Good news sources:
- RT;
- Breitbart.
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