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Originally Posted by Polaris View Post
You mean there are heterosexual couples who currently aren't able to adopt children, due to the lack of orphans ? Were there more or less children in orphanages before same-sex couple adoption was allowed ?
No, I mean that there are dozens of heterosexual couples right now lining up to adopt children. First give them children, then think of the homosexuals.

Liza the fox fairy. Now that I think of it, there are a few deaths as well, but it's a comical film, nothing like trainspotting. Anyway it was just used to describe a trend, violence in movies is generally more accepted than sex, which is absurd.
That's bad indeed, and I would personally limit both.

How so ?
Children that young should not be taught anything sexual, plain and simple.

I was talking about Slovenia...
Then your impression of what happens here is fallacious to say the least. It wasn't just a debate, the government tried their best to block the referendum, even to the point of trying to have gay marriage and gay adoption declared as human rights and then a law passed to forbid referendums on human right issues. Thankfully, they did not succeed.
But I'd like to know why you're so intent at dismissing the account about something that happened in Slovenia by someone who actually lives in the country, and instead believe random foreign Internet sources?

Source ? Moreover, being a pedophile is not a crime. Sexually assaulting children is.
Read the relevant Wikipedia articles. And NAMBLA and so on are groups advocating allowing sexual acts between adults and children, acts that are considering crimes by the laws of most civilized countries.

Well this is before anything else, a medical choice. If people whose job is the health of humans say it's okay, then I'll believe it is, as I have no knowledge in medicine what so ever...
Ah, so rather than read up, gain knowledge, and form your own views, you prefer to blindly believe what other people say. This means that you're willing to blindly believe whatever someone in a higher position than you says, without questioning, which makes you incredibly susceptible to indoctrination.

1. a country hardly dictates things autocratically (espescially a democratic country) 2. I haven't studied the effect of minimu wage on the economic development, so not much I can say in that matter. As such, same as medicine, I believe people who studied that know what they are doing (and as Germany is the richest country in the world, I believe the do).
So you're willing to believe Germany about what's best in Slovenia(!) over someone who actually lives there and is directly affected by the disastrous economic policies imposed by the Germans.

Maybe, but what was the outcome ? It passed.
Thankfully. But the outcome might not have been that had our government had more luck.

As the laws aren't about the citizens, no it doesn't. It does affect their life, but not directly.
Directly or indirectly, it still affects the citizens.

Each country is free to leave the EU at any time, if their people decides so. Germany might not want Greece to leave, but it cannot and doesn't forbid Greece to do so.
Then explain why when Ireland rejected the Lisbon treaty in 2007 or so, the EU demanded a revote in order for Ireland to vote "the right way"? And why when Greece threatened to exit EU in 2015, did Germany say that was unacceptable?

I am not. I provided examples as evidence on my position. You have retorted with just a blanket dismissal, without a solid explanation for why my examples are irrelevant, and without any counter-evidence.

A society, a bank is not behaving like a human being, and no one thinks of them as human beings. Same goes for governments and countries...
Germany is demanding Greece pass policies on things that would directly affect the Greek citizens, and policies that would affect the Greek citizens in a negative way. And the Greek government, elected by the Greek population to represent them, is being told to essentially betray their own people who elected them to represent them, or else funds are being cut. This is anti-democratic.
Heck, this is not a valid business practice either. I have actually worked part-time in wholesale, and believe me, any company that would start demanding what internal policies ours should have, would have been told they know where the door is. Sure, they have every right to refuse to trade with us, but if they do so because they don't like our internal policy, that WILL become known in the business world and that company will be avoided because they will be seen as too invasive. Same should be with countries.

I have no knowledge of economics, how the international debts work or what are the relations between different countries in that regard, so I can't say much about this... The fact that you still don't cite your sources isn't helping me
Google greek debt and read the articles. It's not hard.

Is it the link in your sig ? edit : That's not a link, I really don't know anything about IRC yet xD
I'll check out the place then. When are people online ?
Mostly during afternoon and evening CET. And you need an IRC client, I recommend HexChat.

The countries being "Germany's bitch" seem to be doing rather well vis-à-vis the ones that are Russia's economic partners...
Oh really? Last time I checked, Slovenia was Germany's bitch, yet we have growing unemployment, average income on an all-time low, massive budget deficits, and so on.
While as a counterexample, Belarus, who cooperates with Russia, has order everywhere, 1% unemployment, no budget deficits, and people not having to worry about their future.
Maybe you should stop claiming countries that are Germany's bitches do well when you have people who live in them, right here on the MBN, that can testify to the contrary.

That's why a central European government elected by all Europeans would be better than what there currently is, as decisions from an international council is felt illegitimate by a lot of EU citizens.
No, it's why a return to a union of independent, sovereign states would be the most beneficial. That way we can pass whatever laws we want, and noone can dictate to us what laws we can or can not pass.

No countries is dictating what another countries aspiration in life have to be. Countries are telling other countries what certain laws should be and how they should be applied, if they want an economic relation.
Germany loans countries money. They have no business being concerned where that money is spent, just like your bank doesn't control where they spend the money they loan you. All the banks care about is that you eventually, in one way or another, pay the money back. And sorry, but pressuing Greece to adopt austerity and thus strangle their own economy is not going to get Germany their money back sooner - it's actually only going to delay the repayment.

Germany and other rich countries do not own the others anything, why would they have to let debts off ? Why would they have to fund poor countries, without expecting anything in return ?
Uh, Greece said to Germany, "We don't want your money, we just want you to stop pressuring us to pay you money back every few months, we want you to instead give us the time to recover, by passing policies we see fit, so we can then pay you back.". Germany refuses that.

As I said before, you brought these examples up as to how citizen control in Europe was as bad as the one in China. How do your examples (regardless of our personal opinion about the matters) illustrate that ? You've even stated multiple times things that tend to show the opposite...
The EU is overbearingly controlling, and so is Germany itself, and that's why increasing numbers of EU citizens want their countries to exit the EU.

Also, please, disagreeing with me is one thing, but to tell me that some foreign politicians know what is best for my country better than we the people who live here, is incredibly offensive, and you did just that by implying German politicians know better what is best for Slovenia than we the people who live in Slovenia.
Sorry, but we the people of Slovenia know that even with €500/month, you don't survive here (as all money goes to rent and bills, leaving zero for food), and they want our government to reduce it to €400/month?! So people should earn €400/month while paying a minimum rent of €450/month, bills, AND food?! Please explain how then...
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