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Battler : I don't get it, why are you still not backing up what you say ? That plus the fact that nearly all your previous examples are unprecise and assumptious (when I corrected them you didn't say I was wrong, so I assume we are talking about the same thing) is now making this discussion really hard, as it sheds doubt for me on everything you say
Because I don't memorize the exact links to everything in my head. It takes time to find everything again.

Source ?
Are you serious? Common sense tells you there's plenty homosexual couples lining up to adopt a child. You can go and ask your local social services about it if you REALLY need confirmation.

That's the current situation, and I find it not satisfying. As things are now, children can easily access porn from a very young age, learning sex from that is not the best thing, it's like learning conflict solving from action movies...
Though school is not the place for education, the parents should deal with sexual education of their children, but in today's world, talking about sex with anyone is not very accepted... Talking about violence is, and that's why action movies present less of a problem than sexual ones, unfortunately.
And I am fine for teaching children about sex when it comes to puberty. And even then, sex should be presented as the final stage of love, not something you do with any random person. And certainly keep sex away from 6 year olds.

I looked-up the wiki articles of NAMBLA and of the Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity and found nothing that would indicate a cooperation between them... It would help me a lot if you backed-up your claims...
OK, sure, maybe not NAMBLA, but Wikipedia has this to say:
The party's ties to paedophile activism have also drawn much attention: Marthijn Uittenbogaard (who also starred in the controversial documentary Are All Men Pedophiles?)[11] was earlier the treasurer of Vereniging MARTIJN,[12] an organization which advocates romantic and sexual relationships between adults and children, and all of its founders have identified as pedophiles. The treasurer, Ad van den Berg (then 43), was convicted in 1987 for molesting an 11-year-old boy. He was fined and given a suspended prison sentence.[13] The Dutch television show "Netwerk" monitored Van den Berg for three months. They discovered that he still has an under-age boyfriend.
So the chairman of the party was previously in a high position in an organization that advocates adult-child sex. That alone should be enough to make your alarm bells ring.

True, the solution isn't ideal. But coming from Sweden, I'm inclined to believe that if the healthcare works, it's not by chance. If a third-world country made the same laws, I would question it more. I'd say it is not blind believing, it's knowing where the limits to my knowledge are... Though do note that I did some reading about it, and the fact that you need the approval of a psychiatrist shows to me that they are indeed adressing the health issue of this process.
No, you should need the approval of your parents until you reach the age of minority. No psychiatrist should be above your parents, who are after all the people feeding you. Also no, a minor should not have the right to want a sex change, they are not mature enough for that.
Also we're talking about Sweden, the same country that now experiences a shooting every other day, something which is easy to find on Google. I wouldn't trust that country's authorities if my life depended on it.

We are talking about government control of citizens, in that matter, I'd say directly or indirectly makes a big difference.
No, it does not.

I have some reading-up to do on these matters, but I would say economically it's better for Germany if Greece stays in the EU, as such, they will do what they can to make it stay, and what they can do, stop doing business with them, which apparently, Greece doesn't want to happen.
No, economically it's worse for Greece to stay in EU. Also, Greece does want Germany to just leave them alone, and wait for Greece to put itself beck on its feet so it can repay the debt again. But Germany wants the money NOW and is acting like those people who are going to twist your arms and beat you up if you don't give them their money back immediately.

I didn't dismiss your example, but I can't find the concrete ones you pointed out, and ou refuse to back them up for some reason...
Moreover, an infinite amount of examples doesn't prove a theory, else, lining up a bunch of parallelograms would prove that all four-angled geometric figure is a parallelogram.
Noone said all our news are CIA-written, so cut that strawman. I said most are, not all, and I provided examples to show quite a few are.
You have so far not provided a single example of foreign news that big European and American media haven't told the exact same story on. Please do so. Even one single counterexample would be enough.

I found a website called kiwiirc, would that do ? I connected yesterday but I saw no one, hope I didn't mess up anything x)
Yes, that would do.

I live in Hungary, and why the situation isn't perfect, it's not so bad...
I guess we should follow what the majority wants, no ?
Yeah, and if the majority in a country want out of the EU, and want to cooperate with Russia, EU and Biden are not in the position of saying otherwise.

I don't understand how that would be better, if this were to happen, first the coutries would have to repay all their debts, then they wouldn't get any more funding for the western European countries... Or not for free, they would ask for compensations... Kinda like now...
Why should Central and Eastern European countries fund the Western European countries? It's up to their own taxpayers to fund them. Also, EU is giving money that also comes from us the Slovenian taxpayers to bottomless pits such as Ukraine, again the will of many people... With a return to sovereignity, that would no longer happen.

EU citizens have their basic freedoms (thought, movement, etc...), in China, cenzorship of internet, media, litterature, video game, theater and a lot other is legal and openly admitted.
Our media get censored too. In Italy, while Berlusconi was in power, anything critical of him was quickly removed from state TV, while non-state TV channels were either owned by him or harassed. Here in Slovenia, I have observed all our TV channels following the same party line. And so on...
Also here in Slovenia, the last time people went to peacefully protest in front of the parliament, they were arrested by the police. Sorry but that's not freedom.
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