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UFO Little Big Hotel

I found this on my computer and decided its worth posting.

Little Big Hotel is an open world project; to encourage map makers for
It has been designed based off Habbo Hotel and G-Mod Tower.

Public areas: Spawn (shuttle pad), Reception (*see screenshot), walkway, PvP Centre.
Private areas: .. currently none.

The idea of this project is that each user has their own room within the hotel; each corridor has similar layouts (just a different tileset so to tell the floors apart).

When map making the naming scheme will be: public000 (reception), public001 (floor 1), public002 (floor 2).. etc
User maps will be named after their username and if they have more than 1 map then they can simply add '&' to the filename with a number.


DarkOnistar, DarkOnistar&001, DarkOnistar&002

(This makes it easier to find maps when there are alot of user maps already added - may have to replace the '&' if its not acceptable letter to use).

The rule of adding maps is that you can only access your room via your door or reserved space. Other maps you create must be linked to your other maps and can't have another. (Basically 1 door/room per user)

If this isn't clear, feel free to ask questions.
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