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(sorry for my bad english)

He said many things...
About LBA3, he thinks he has long time, but he preferred to pass the time because there was a time when people are not necessarily expecting a game like LBA 3.
Today, for him, people are ready to play this style of video game.
that is why it first starts out LBA1 on tablet (make LBA 1 on tablet), it's easier than doing directly LBA3, to restart the universe about LBA...
If the game on tablet android and ios sells well, the logical consequence is to create LBA 3...

But it's the premice about come back to LBA's univers... but a good premice...
Fred is happy when he speak of LBA, like a children ^^

But he say too it's dificult to make LBA 2 on tablet...

Oh and he said on his facebook to look his website daily because he will speak about LBA...
His website :
website about LBA :
Composer and Sound designer :
- Soundcloud :
- Youtube :
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