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SpaceGuitarist... that's not something I'm personally working on. I do believe however that MrQuetch may be working on that very thing (A script to port LBA1 models to LBA2), the reverse as we/I understand it isn't possible.

Currently the uploaded app allows you to do such things as set all NPCs to any character you like, i.e. mecapenguins. It also allows you to randomise all characters.

Bear in mind that this only changes the outwards appearance of the characters and not their behaviours or actions. It's still fun to use though :-)

Randomising any HQR file feature allows you to switch the lookup order of the individual elements in the HQR file. It's basically a file with a pointer index at the start which responds to the location in the HQR file to find the data i.e. in LBA1's BODY.HQR file the first skin location is at 532. The game knows it wants the character skin at the first location, and then looks up in the index of the file the location of skin one. By changing the index location it thinks skin one is actually located at the position of skin 5, and thus loads skin 5 accordingly

Feel free to ask any questions :-)


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