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Pretty cool. Although you're still using many original LBA textures/bricks, so it look more like an addition to an original scene rather than a new scene or new style.
You can look inside the buildings, but I guess there'll be some kind of doors, right?
If you look at the middle building there are two lanterns placed next to the door. Doesn't look very LBA-ish, but way more important is that they are placed on a V shape like gutter. It's not a place where it would stand solid and surely there would be a shadow anyway.
Keep the textures simple and not too detailed. It's better not to be distracted this much. Also, if you keep the colors of the walls different than the ground, they won't blend in with the environment so much.
Oh and keep in mind the direction of the bricks. Light comes from the left, so the right side of buildings should be dark. Right now some of the bricks are reversed (like the lower stones on the walls of the buildings, which are lighter on the right side than the front), or don't have any noticeable 'angle color-difference' like the yellow ground near the water.
If you do need to have detailed textures then make multiple textures so they won't repeat that much. Look at the grass textures of LBA for instance.

Not yet there but an improvement the the previous map, yes.
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