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Originally Posted by RobG View Post
Hey this is great! Good job!

I tried out your binaries and they run great on my pc (vista, geforce gtx280).

Looks like you still gotta sort out mapping the texels to screen pixels to eliminate those black lines. I know in DirectX it's: 1.0 / ScreenWidth(Height) that you need to offset vertices by. Can't remember for OpenGL though.

Just wanted to share with you a vid of some of my work getting LBA maps into my own engine:

Anyway, good luck!
Thanks !
I'm working on removing black lines it shouldn't be that hard. Also in v1.2 it wont crash when u get out of map limits !

Very nice engine, I like the chasing camera, think I will do it on mine what do u think guys ?
How are you doing the depth sorting ? are you drawing the tiles one by one ? In my case everyting is pre-calculated as tiles are not moving ... I use the alpha channel combined with an alpha test, and normal depth sorting for character itself
Actually there are no tiles, only a set of 512x512 "big" tiles
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