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Pandy: Acer is very cheap, yes.. but they're only really good for the larger notebooks, like 15.1" and more.

Tablet pc's aren't that much use, indeed. They're too heavy to carry around on your arm all day, are expensive and unpractical (I can survive better with just a keyboard than just a pointing device). Laptops are much more diverse in functionality.

Darkflame, TFTs inferior? Not really... TFT vs CRT:


- Smooth sharp screen (1 pixel = 1 pixel, not a few blurred dots)
- No refresh rates, always calm screen, easier for the eyes
- Higher contrast
- No screen distortions like moire/pincushion/trapezoid etc
- No variable focus points or resizes due bad power supply (try to minimize a white window so a black background appears, you'll notice the edges move a little)
- Flat screen (as in no fish bowl). Yeah, there are true flat CRTs too.
- They don't wear out like CRTs do (lose contrast/focus over the years)
- 17" = 17" viewable, not a few inches hidden underneath the monitor bezel. Not really a 'pro' factor, just something to take into account when comparing CRT and TFT sizes (TFT = CRT+2" equals roughly).
- Obvious: flat (as in small), no heat, less power consumption, etc.


- Slow: ghosting/fading
- Untrue colours
- Smaller viewing angle
- Only 1 real resolution (smaller ones are resized with distortion and higher ones aren't possible)
- Larger dot pixel size: get too close and you'll see the pixel grid easily.
- Chance of dead (sub)pixels without factory warranty
- Less durable than CRTs
- Obvious: expensive.

Most of the cons are getting better and things like ghosting, viewing angle and untrue colours are irrelevant if you choose a good model. I wouldn't say TFT is inferiour, just that they're quite new and there's only a relatively small amount of good models that don't have most of the downsides of TFTs, plus they cost way more.

We have several models TFT monitors from Philips in the computer labs at university and there's a huge difference in quality.

Newest Pentium-mobile CPUs (Centrino) models have 2 MB cache, yeah. That rocks
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