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Who framed SGK? (A wrestlefest with a twist)

recreated the thread cause i made a mistake in the poll, anyone who voted in the previous thread please vote again

Ok, so let's play a game.

Someone impersonated Zee on #lba and had a mock break-up with Twinsan.

Then twinsan started a thread saying it was SGK who did it.

Now, there are two options:

1) SGK really did it.

2) Someone framed him!

I happen to know which of the two happened, but it's no fun if I reveal it straight away.

So here's the thing, we do a poll with a list of suspects.
I'm including sgk and twinsan, because it's possible it was actually sgk, or that it was twinsan all along as someone here suggested. Hell, maybe it really WAS zee

The 5 members who receive the most votes will move on to the next round, and so on. If the real culprit doesn't move on to the next round, his identity will never be revealed, so choose carefully.

Note: this is meant for fun, please don't turn it into a flame war etc.etc.
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