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The hints!!!!!

A_lipstick - is always stirring up trouble, as most people have noticed

Battler - seemed to have taken an odd interest in the case, despite it having nothing to do with him. Suspicious? you decide.

J_mckalling - Twinsan and Jack were good friends before this debacle, but have been estranged ever since. Could there be more behind this?

marcosmapf - seems to have an issue with sgk's ego. A motive, perhaps?

Reek - it seems like reek is always on sgk's case, is this just one instance of a long history of pranks?

Twinsan - could twinsan have made it all up? he expressed hostility towards sgk several times, after all.

SGK - Heck, maybe it was just sgk and that's all there is to it.

Pimmin - twinsan sent her that hate letter. seems like plenty of motive to me.

Jasiek - the guy basically just comes here to post weird gifs. i don't trust him.

Zee - did zee impersonate herself? weirder things have happened.
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