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You're not the only one. *sacred halo appears around Homeless' head*

Eitherway. I think we have a rather early version of LBA-DM in our pockets, CrazyBee. Just some files. Essentially, nothing of much value. A handful of textures extracted from LBA, half a map or so. And, ofcourse, the quite neat models.

Well, seeing as I don't know how much was actually made before the project became stale, it could as well be the ''latest version''. However, I doubt it.
If anybody wants to continue this, at any point, I'll gladly throw them up somewhere. And I believe I speak for CrazyBee in this matter, too. It may be of some value atleast.

However, my prediction is; that time will never come.
But perhaps some sort of similar project will arise in the coming years. One can never surely predict these kind of events. I'm not Nostradamus, after all.

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