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It was working for awhile - very active I wanna say about roughly three years ago (someone correct me if I'm wrong). For some reason it became defunct and it's not up anymore - most likely from (what I've heard) Rincevent who started it and now he's got a family and kids to look after (including a job). It was very cool - too bad you didn't get to try it out when the chance was bright and shining.

If you want, Xesf (I believe... or some other user) has all of the source code up on the Github. That may help you there if you're interested in looking on what it was all about. There are also some videos on Youtube, but I can't recall how many there were - probably a very small amount. Yeah... I agree, it sucks that it's not up anymore. You can think about the game as if it were an open world where you talk to other people - members (just like the actual games) and there were a few quests to complete to obtain specific items. You could even talk to NPC's and fight enemies.

About Rincevent, that's what happens when you start getting busy in life. Glad to hear that you joined the forums! If you refer back to your first post, you'll noticed that I greeted you. Happy posting.

It wasn't really all that much, though... But it was cool to see LBA members from around the world on the server.
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