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Horn of Gawley

When finding the horn:
You've just found Gawley's Horn, an object left for you by your ancestors.
Inventory description:
Gawley's Horn: (ENTER) key. For use on the Seals of Sendell. It will allow you to break them open, which will subsequently allow you to access new places.
In Miss Bloop’s Private Museum:
"Horn of Gawley."
The Gawley’s Horn is an object left for The Heir by his ancestors in a secret cave behind his house. It allows the person using it to break open the seals of Sendell, which will lead to a new place. To use the horn, the person must blow it towards a Seal of Sendell.

Twinsen found the Horn of Gawley (along with Sendell’s Medallion) in the hidden cave behind his house, to which he could enter after retrieving LeBorgne’s key from the museum. He had a chance to use it right after finding it, on a Sendell’s Seal that was found in the room. Even though behind most seals he found only clover leaves, some seals were necessary for him to go through. For example, he had to use the horn on the Sendell’s Seal in Desert Island, so that he can meet Joe the Elf and get the Elf’s Club card. Another example is near one of the Runic Stones in Proxima Island, where Twinsen had to blow the horn so that he could get to the stone.


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