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Rick’s Café

Souvenirs seller:
Are you kidding me? Nobody can get close. The only ones crazy enough to make a go at it, are Rick's gang. Rick, he's the owner of that bar, by the harbor. But he's much more than that, he's in charge of the Otringal underworld. Go see him, maybe he'll help ya.
Sign near the café:
Rick's Café.
Rick’s Café is a rather large café at which the inhabitants of Otringal can enjoy a good drink along with some music shows, whether they are good or bad. The place also contains a few slot machines, in case the customers wish to try their luck at gambling.
The café is a rather poor place, suitable mainly for the working class. It employs a few workers, including some gloums as waiters and some way oversized wannies as Rick’s bodyguards.
Rick, as the place name might suggest, is the owner of the café. However, this is only his daytime job. At night, he is the big boss of the island’s mafia- the dissidents, leading a fight against the emperor. Thanks to his bodyguards, it is quite impossible to reach Rick in case you’d like to meet him.

Apart from some useful clues he could get from the customers of the café, Twinsen’s main role there was to speak with Rick, after the souvenirs seller in Celebration Island told him Rick can help him reaching Island CX. However, this turned out to be an uneasy task, as Rick’s office was heavily guarded by his mighty bodyguards. Twinsen had two ways to get into the office; the first one was to kill the bodyguards and enter through the door. This, however, meant he had to use his magic ball, as the bodyguards just smacked his face whenever he tried to get near them. The second option, and the slightly more complicated one, was sneaking into the backstage. There, in the back room, he had to arrange three poles so that he could jump on them and get into a secret room leading to Rick’s office.
Once meeting Rick, Twinsen explained him that he had to get to Island CX. Rick said that he can’t help him, but sent him to Johnny Rocket at the Imperial Hotel.
The café didn’t serve any use after that, but Twinsen could always come there and try his luck at the slot machines.

There’s a big statue in the middle of the bar, and it is unknown what this thing is. A discussion about it may be found here.


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