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Worst night EVER :|

First dream - I'm at Uni and I'm about to go home. I get in my car, get the keys, close the door...
All of a sudden a few kids start throwing granades under other cars that are parked there. I clearly see a white Panda blow up in a storm of fire. I try to get away from my car but the door won't open. Boom. I wake up immediately, and it feels like a big flash is in my eyes. I decide to go and drink some water, I stand up, but the door of my room won't open either. I panic and when I have another look at my room I realize it's not my room.
I then realize I was still dreaming and finally REALLY wake up. After I few minutes I get to sleep again.

2nd dream - I don't know why on earth but I'm falling from an Airplane with no parachute on. I just keep repeating to myself "I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die...". That fall lasted much, too much! I have seen it all, until my face hit the dirt. I woke up instantly, heartbeat to the max and my neck hurt.

There's also a third dream but I can't remember it at all...

Usually I always know when I'm dreaming and I always decide weather to keep dreaming or not, and if something bad happens I think "it's just a dream, ffs"... didn't happen this time. Really ruined my sleep.
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