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Well I'm perfectionist in stuff I working when you combine it with my high ambitions this is rather explosive combination. In the end you are right that I could at some point release the game but well ... we get smarter with time. New iteration is still not ready that why I don't showcasing it. I can say that in my humble opinion it will be probably the best piece of game I created so far :] It feel weird talking about my own work this way but result so far getting me really excited.

About MonsieurKakis work I loved it. This was great release that made me a little bit frustrated that I didn't had one so big. So you are 100% right about this part releasing is important. On other hand what I doing is a little bit different.

I doing full recreation of original game. This require from me becoming modeler, animator, concept artist, level designer, sound designer, story designer, coder and probably few other things. And sadly to polish all this skills and then use them in real production taking time. Well in the end this are only excuses that I can give to justify current situation.

I know that Fred and Didier are great guys and they supporting LBA community (otherwise I wouldn't work on this Remake). My concern is still that there will be some reason that I will need to stop on the project but this small concern was there from beginning and I just going with it. So far there was no issues.

With the original game I betting everything on this one card. When I will finish with Remake I will probably think what next and maybe then I will do some own IP.
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