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Originally Posted by Bestary View Post
Cool, many of you here chose creative specialties And mee to, I'm child illustrator.

Unfotunatly, I didn't work a lot, many years was wasted to cure me from clinical depression. When I felt myself better I worked on freelance. My life is strange. Russia not very needs in my skills, and my English skills not very awesome to work to another country. And, like Buttler, I'm unemployed now.

But there are two areas I want to devote my life: drawings and writing stories about my imaginary worlds. Especially last one, cause it curing my psyche sometimes.
Not always an easy path working on creative passion for a living but I'm happy you're following your path. Hope you find your place to live off it, fellow Russian.

A few people might be aware some years ago that I've been doing music projects. Well, after graduating with Bachelor of Arts degree, I am slowly getting into the audio engineering in terms of live events and home studio production. (Shameless advertising: If anybody needs their recording mixed or mastered, I am offering my services on Fiverr. PM me and I'll share the link)

Besides that, I deliver morning papers for a living since find full-time jobs for my qualifications is tough, so you're kind of not alone there.

In free time, though, I got lucky enough to front a local cover band playing hard rock.
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