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Remote Contontrolled devices Air/Water/Land

Hello welcome to the thread about remote controlled devices, including planes, trains and automobiles. Movie references aside this is for those that like their rc devices and they come in all shapes and sizes from boats to helicopters. I personally got for boats, near my house is a place called the bishops glen, where there is a large reservoir suited to using rc devices.

My boats

magic Vee

-not my picture

The magic vee is my newest boat and I don't have an opinion on it yet, but it's a fast easy to handle little bugger, with a special engine cooling system that uses water from when it's operating to cool the engine. This little guy also placed first in the gadget shows best rc boats, not some over priced boat of £100+ but a tiny little guy worth £50.

The arrow wind

The least inspiring boat in my arsenal and the slowest. This dose not mean it's bad, not at all, it's just if your looking for a racing rc boat, this ain't your dino. It's more of your low key plas that wnat a relible nice easy to use, sink proof boat, that will last a good amount of time. Handling and speed are pretty average in comparison to the next boat, so if your looking for some serious speeed, value for money the whole package, I would not go for the arrow wind, because of that rudder and one propeller, reallt holds it back, it's more for those that are new and even then I would still say the next one is better.

balaenoptera musculus

The definition of value for money, this thing is fast, easy to turn and relatively cheap. This a true little champ I have had 3 of these in my life time and when some idiot i gave a shot, breaks part of it, it stilll runs like a champ. These thing take a while to charge which is probally the only downside, but they are very durable and last a good long time, mine sunk after a freak collisonal and leaft it for a yera and it still works like a true champion. Now sadly the other one was also neglected for a year and the engine rusted and the other died after 6 years of service, not because it was broken, but because the controller batteries i put in ruptered and destroyed the remote. They come in 2 frequencies, so it's very easy to race.
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