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Originally Posted by Lupin View Post
Hi MrQuetch,

The debug console is meant to observe internal values as they change over time and help us debug issues in the engine. In theory you could at least call some functions that change things, like switching to other scenes, but it's not recommended to do that.

It's not like you're gonna blow your computer up if you try though. The worse thing that could happen is that the game crashes, which you can fix with a simple page reload.
Aahh... I see now. I noticed that I could search for many variables and such.

May I ask about your exporter for *.lm2 to *.3ds? I would like to see how I can get my own converter going so I can get different models in LBA2. I asked Xesf, and he told me that he will hopefully get the wiki updated more in the future.

May I also ask how the offsets work in the headers of the 3d models? Do they go by the byte (hex) number?
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