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Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
Hey, that's really unusual. Would you tell us more about it like, what kind of personal gains you get from it, as in some kind of inner strenght you find while practicing, a state of equilibria of mind and body, or just a distraction from modern life?
I started practice Kendo 10 years ago. I didn't practice any other sport before it. I lost about 6 kg during a first year of practice
Gains? Well, I became more brave and hardy. Before Kendo I did not have a feelling like I can beat somebody, and now I have such a feeling. But it doesn't mean that I can knock out somebody. I still would ran away rather than that.
I can't say that I am strong. Kendo is not about strength, it is more about endurance. It definitely make my heart and lungs go stronger
Also Kendo, like any other Japan martial art, changes your mind a little. You start to think what you do, how you treat people and things. Your things, other people's things. Kendo teached me what Respect really is.
It also teached me to learn from the different people, even they are not as skilled as I am. And as I teach Kendo to other people, I learn how to explain and teach.
And now I have a friends who practice Kendo too, it is very important!
And, of course, it is a way of distraction from modern life.
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