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Originally Posted by xesf View Post
Yeah @Battle, I agree that you should be able to find development roles with the knowledge you have. You can use all your tools in LBA as a portfolio and use that to show your motivation and dedication during interview process.
If permanent roles are not possible, there should be plenty of contract roles as well.

As of me, I am currently a Lead Software Developer on an Integration Team in Dublin Ireland.
I've been the team lead for a small team of 6 members for quite some time, but it's time for me to move on and change roles and responsibilities.
Want to focus more on the technical side than leading the team. I feel I still need to grow more technically in order to better do non-technical or more business focus roles.

I still keep working on side projects like the LBA2remake
when I get a chance.
How is that slugs game going, did you finish it?

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