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Thanks for the detailed explanation! Education in Germany seems to be really above / among the highest standards in the world. Math and music is a great choice. If you do compose your own music, I'd very much like to listen it.

I very much enjoy listening to bands that play this genre called "math rock", which are mostly instrumentals. I don't know if this would have any relation to what you do but I figured I'd mention it.

Originally Posted by leoboe View Post
In Germany pretty much every teacher specialises in 2 subjects (except for primary school teachers who have to cover pretty much all subjects but can still add e.g. music or sports). You study both your subjects on a pretty high academical level for your bachelor degree and then a shorter master degree that focuses a bit more on the psychological and educational part . After you have your master degree you start to work in school while still attending classes and finally learning to teach for 1,5 years and at last you have your final practical exam before you are a full fledged teacher.

On music as a school subject: We study music-education rather than music-performance. So we already focus more on how to teach music and get a little more systematic with the history and different genres. But we also study our regular instruments (which has to include piano) for 6 semesters and learn music-theory, hearing, conducting, etc. Most "full-music-students" like to look down on music-teachers but there are still very talented musicians among us.

this is where I am currently.

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