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Well, I'll give it a try.
KillJoys S02E01 - What? You started with like 5 people flashing/remembering/waking-up from dreams in a row. How am I supposed to tell whats real and whats not when you do that? I can hardly remember the plot from last season as it is.
Still, some of the character interactions were fun.

DarkMater S02E01 - Much more coherent. Some intriguing things being set up sci-fi wise, but not a good episode in itself. The ships robot continues to be the best character.
Oh, and I hate the whole "oh that secret evil society from last season isn't the real secret evil society, as theres a even more secret evil soceity behind everything!"
I had plenty enough of that with Chuck and Alias.

Peep Show Season9 E01-3 - AKA ""Lets see into the minds of people self-justifying doing horrible things to each-other: The series"".
Still great. Still hard to watch at times.
__________________ <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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