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Tried some new things;

BrainDead S01E01-2 -
This is weird. How to describe. Its current US politics, I would say mad, but its basically all real, but then with a sci-fi twist/conspiracy/zombie thing. But its all done rather low key.
Umm...the guy that wrote the Portal song does a recap song every episode.
Did I mention its weird?

Stan Lee's Luckyman S01E01 - More standard but I'll give it longer. Gambling addicted policeman gets weird luck powers? Comic book legend Stan Lee had some involvement. (I suspect passing over one post it note of a idea then claiming a pay check)
Its not bad as such, but its slow paced and a lot of the sub-ploting seems unnesscery.
Also stupid cliffhanger at end of episode1.
On the positives the main actor is from Jekyll (which is a must see 6-episode miniseries), and the cinematography is nice.
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