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Luke Cage - meh. A real disappointment. Big fan of Netflix in general, they have made a lot of good shows by now.
After enjoying both DareDevil and Jessica Jones (shows part of the same family), I had high hope for Luke Cage. But in the end its just a mess of cliches strung together. You could play cliche bingo.("Villian related to hero!") Even stylistically its disappointing.
DareDevil and JJ had a unique style....this...just kinda tries to be other two? Sort of. Its like weighed down by thinking it needs to match them tonely. Maybe. Either way its not interesting. All these shows also use obvious "color-coding" tints, Red, Purple, and this one is very Yellow. It just feels too template now.

Theres also some real random plot leaps that the audience is supposed to just accept.
The protagonist is litterally bullet proof. Great, no problem.
He gets a medical problem, and sugery is hard because they cant cut is skin. Sure, no issue.
But then to solve this issue they suddenly decide to "recreate the original experiment" that made his skin hard. Wait what? They just decide that will work and it does.
Why? Why on earth would making his skin hard again make him suddenly be cut able? Does the experiment know you want to cut him ? Is "the experiment" sentient in itself and does whatever is needed for the plot?
Oh well, I hope Iron Fist - the net series in this shared universe - is better.
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